wpa_supplicant 0.4.6, ndiswrapper 1.6, static wep fails

Jason Lunz lunz at falooley.org
Sun Jan 29 19:33:49 EST 2006

lunz at falooley.org said:
> I'm using "wpasupplicant -D wext" with ndiswrapper 1.8-rc1 and
> wpasupplicant 0.4.6, and it works fine except for the above problem.
> driver_wext.c does not set WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_SET_KEYS_AFTER_ASSOC, but
> ndiswrapper requires it.
> driver_ndiswrapper.c does set it, but it doesn't work for me. [should
> there be a note that -D ndiswrapper is only for older versions of
> ndiswrapper or something?]

actually, it's driver_ndis.c that sets
WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_SET_KEYS_AFTER_ASSOC. In fact, it's the only one that
does, and it seems to be used only on windows.

btw, here's what I'm using right now. It probably isn't the right thing
to do, since it just turns it on unconditionally.


diff -ur wpasupplicant-0.4.6/driver_wext.c wpasupplicant-0.4.6.hack/driver_wext.c
--- wpasupplicant-0.4.6/driver_wext.c	2005-10-27 22:52:07.000000000 -0400
+++ wpasupplicant-0.4.6.hack/driver_wext.c	2006-01-29 17:55:45.000000000 -0500
@@ -764,6 +764,8 @@
+	drv->has_capability = 1;
 	drv->ifindex = if_nametoindex(drv->ifname);

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