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I use Kubuntu myself, although I never tried wpa_gui.
All I do to make it work is compile wpa_supplicant,
create a .conf file like so:
# example .conf file
        psk="secret password"
# that's all there is to it :)

Now, you'll have to alter the ssid and psk values, of course, I
put the file in /etc but I guess if you prefer putting it somewhere
else - feel free. Now when running wpa_supplicant you should
try the following command (assuming wlan0 is your wireless adapter and
that the conf file is placed in /etc):
wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

Now you should be able to bring up your wlan with the comand "ifup wlan0"
as long as your wlan-card is loaded and you've added the correct settings
for /etc/network/interfaces.

In case you haven't, heres what my interfaces-file says about wlan0:
# The wireless network interface
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp

If your wireless adapter is not working you'll have to fix that first.
Good luck! :)

On 1/28/06, Mizrandir the Wizard <mizrandir at> wrote:
> Hello everybody. I've just installed ubuntu linux (dapper drake flight 3)
> and discovered it can't connect to wpa networks (correct?), so i have
> installed wpa_supplicant v0.4.7. I'm having some problems. First question:
> should wpa_gui work 'out of the box'?
> In case it's of any help, I am able to connect to wireless networks
> without encryption and i am able to connect to the the same WPA network with
> the same laptop  but using windows, so it isn't a hardware problem.
> Thanks in advance, miz.
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