Cannot read data frame in master mode

Teo quick at
Fri Jan 27 06:18:37 EST 2006

I'm working about a software that has to send and read arbitrary 802.11
frame with the same wireless card, performing a full WPA-PSK
authentication. That is my software is not a real client software, I
can't use a station in managed mode. I just want to send and receive
packets to the AP and see how it reacts.

I have a problem: when it "simulates" authentication and association
between an hostap card and an Ap, the software sends right
authentication frame and verifies Ap's response, likewise in association
period. Subsequently my software waits a frame data from Ap, but when it
arrives, I cannot see anything if I use master mode. With a sniffer I
see the card drops data frame and it responds to Ap with
deauthentication frame. I think there are 2 ways for solve this problem:

1- use monitor mode but can i trasmit low level frame in monitor mode
with hostap driver?
Searching online I find a page where the author say can do it with
a modified version of madwifi and he say also can do it with hostap
This is the link
here talking about two devices, ath0 and ath0raw:
ath0 is normal interface while ath0raw would be iface for sniffing/injection

2- can I update driver/firmware's state so it can accept data frame in
master mode withouth sending deauthentication frames?

thanks, bye,
Matteo Rosi
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