Cards of different manufactures can't communicate in ad-hoc mode

korakis at korakis at
Thu Jan 26 18:38:35 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

My problem is the following: I work in a project doing some tests in the ad-hoc
mode of hostap. I do some experiments using two laptops. When I use cards of
the same manufacture on both laptops (2 Proxim cards), everything works well.
When I try to use cards from different manufactures (one Proxim and one Linksys
v3), the two laptops can't communicate.

In the case of the same cards, iwconfig gives exactly the same information on
both machines. In the case of different cards, iwconfig gives the same
information on both machines except of the "cell" address. Any recommendations?

One more question: I have a very hard time to find and buy wireless cards
compatible with the hostap driver. Any suggestions where I could find some?

Thank you very much,

Thanasis Korakis

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