HostAP now standard in Fedora Core 5 [Test 2] ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Wed Jan 18 18:47:43 EST 2006

Pavel Roskin <proski at> wrote:
> I'm using development Fedora,

Which is what feeds Test then Core.
[ Development aka Rawhide -> Test -> Core

> but not the kernel they ship.
> In any case, it's only the driver.

Okay, thanx for that clarification.

> wpa_supplicant and hostapd are not included:
> # yum list |egrep -i '(wpa|hostap|supplicant)'
> xsupplicant.x86_64        1.2.2-7.fc5 extras-developme

But isn't that saying it's _in_ Fedora Extras?
Or is that another repository you're getting it from?

The line between Fedora Core and Extras is rather blurry,
especially with the new Anaconda installer and Pup that taps
Fedora Extras during the install process itself (assuming you
have an Internet connection).

In either case, it's still good to see this.

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