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Wed Jan 18 10:53:17 EST 2006

On 1/18/06, MIBS <onedollartotown at> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,

Hi Nin,

> What do i have to do to allow all the wireless client connecting to the
> hostAP to surf the internet. On the AP, I tried to route the path from the
> wlan0 to eth0 but it fails.

This question is actually off-topic for this list.  As other relies
have indicated.
But I'll cut you some slack and tell you that you need an iptables rule
using either -j SNAT or -j MASQUERADE.

For more instructions about using iptables -- or any other topic which is not
specifically related to hostap --, please refer to a forum such as

> Cheers,
> Nin

Good luck,


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