L/P-EAP: no dhcp passing trough

Ferréol de Soras desoraf at esiee.fr
Wed Jan 18 10:02:29 EST 2006


I am facing the following problem.

I connect to my university wifi network throug L/P-EAP 802.x auth with 
wpa_supplicant. (Cisco access points).

Whatever the method is, authentification always succeeds (ie wep key is 
set in iwconfig), and wpa_supplicant verbose output says everything is ok.

However, all dhcp requests timeout. (Windows and OSX Computers manage to 
connect, even my own laptop under WinXP, though)

In two months of occasional tries, one try worked and dhcp got an 
answer. But it fails again since.

Any idea to investigate this problem (I believe related to 
wpa_supplicant, but I can be wrong) would be welcome.


Ferréol de Soras.


iwconfig  Wireless-Tools version 28
           Compatible with Wireless Extension v11 to v19.

Kernel    Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v19.

eth1      Recommend Wireless Extension v16 or later,
           Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v19.

net-tools 1.60
ifconfig 1.42 (2001-04-13)

wpa_supplicant v0.4.7
Linux proot 2.6.15-11-386 #1 PREEMPT Wed Jan 4 05:49:02 UTC 2006 i686 

invoking by:
  wpa_supplicant -D wext -i eth1 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf.bak

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