Gary Vollink lq at corvu.com
Mon Jan 16 16:47:18 EST 2006

Richard W. Knight wrote:

>Is it possible to make wpa_gui get a dhcp assigned address when it makes 
>a wifi connection? I have wpa_supplicant-0.4.7, ipw2200-1.0.10 and 
>ieee80211-1.1.8 installed and working, but it seems a bit cimbersome. 
There are multiple other products that deal with hotplug. If you are
using Debian - I would suggest ifplugd or laptop-net.

>I can scan with wpa_gui and connect but then not have to drop to 
>terminal and sudo dhclient eth0 it would be much simpler.
It's the UNIX way, use smaller, more specialized programs, and chain
them together to make something much more powerful.

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