wpa_supplicant : problem with 2 certification authorities

Vincent Nainemoutou Vincent.Nainemoutou at xrce.xerox.com
Thu Jan 12 04:17:15 EST 2006


    I have installed successfully wpa_supplicant  on a a Fedora core
Dell D4xxx series with the ipw2200BG driver using a basic OpenSSL
Certicication authority.

    I wanted to put this in a production mode with our internal
certification authority. The problem is that wpa_supplicant does not
seem to  be able to verify the server certificate where there are 2 
CAs. My clients and server certificates are devivered by an intermediate
CA. The whole thing is working with a windows client so at least I can
say that  the freeradius server and config is OK.

     I tried several thing like: 
    -> 2 ca_cert parameters in the wpa_supplicant files ,
    -> Single file with both CA certificates inside and on ca_cert

    I still have the same failure.

    Do you have any idea or point me to anything that can help me.

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