wpa_supplicant and a WRT54GS (v2)

Nicolaus Hill njhill at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:06:59 EST 2006

I've been having no end of trouble getting wpa_supplicant (tried v.5
and .4.7) working with the WRT54GS. It just fails to authenticate,
even though I know for a fact that the pre-shared keys are identical
(running WPA-PSK/TKIP)

running with ndiswrapper on a RTL8185L chipset PCI wireless card.

i've got a copy of my wpa_supplicant.conf here:

and the output from wpa_supplicant run here:
(wasn't sure if I could attach things and send it to the list)

anyone have an idea about what I can do to get things working?

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