wpa/winxp/peap, hostapd+madwifi - no response to EAP Identity?

Rusty Chris Holleman reverendbean at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 17:06:43 EST 2006

Problem solved (well, sort of).  Rebooting somehow cleared up the SSL state
  and it now works fine.  And the windows supplicant works now, too.  There
  is apparently a difference between the wmp54g driver as distributed by 
  ralink vs. linksys, even though they have the same version number and
  were released within days of each other.
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From: Rusty Chris Holleman <reverendbean at yahoo.com>

  I now get stuck at messages from SSL that appear to be saying the
 client does not like the certificate.  I'm going to research this some, but
 if anyone knows the particular cause of this kind of error do tell.

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