Can't authenticate: WPA, RaLink 2500 (NdisWrapper), SpeedTouch 580 router

Neil Smith at
Sat Apr 15 17:10:29 EDT 2006

On Friday 14 Apr 2006 3:25 am, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 02:30:59PM +0100, Neil Smith wrote:
> >  The wireless hub is a Thomson SpeedTouch 580
> >  wireless router.
> >
> > (There was something in this list's archives about problems with this
> > router having different MAC addresses for the wireless connection and the
> > WPA authentication, e.g. the debug lines...
> >
> > Associated to a new BSS: BSSID=00:11:f5:89:f7:57
> > ...
> > RX EAPOL from 00:0e:50:b2:b9:f2
> >
> > ...but I couldn't find if that was either resolved or relevant.)
> That sounds like a possible reason for problems here.. Unfortunately, I
> do not have access to any AP that behaves in this way, but it looks
> quite odd..

From looking in the archives, it seems that the first MAC is for the router's 
wireless connection and the second is for its wired connection.  For some 
reason, the WPA handshaking is done with the router's wired card.  

> Would you be willing to test couple of experimental patches to
> wpa_supplicant to go through all the possible combinations to figure out
> what exactly the AP wants to see here?

Certainly.  I'll test Stefan's updated .inf file with ndiswrapper first, to 
see if that's a quick fix.  Failing that, yes, I'll try experimental patches.  

Thanks for the help.


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