wpa_supplicant authentication wpa_ie_len=0 problem

Piotr Zawadzki pzawadzki at polsl.pl
Fri Apr 14 11:36:33 EDT 2006

Dnia piątek, 14 kwietnia 2006 16:42, Michelasso napisał:
> 2006/4/14, Piotr Zawadzki <pzawadzki at polsl.pl>:
> > Dnia piątek, 14 kwietnia 2006 14:53, Michelasso napisał:

> That's the point, then; maybe it is a driver related problems of the
> combination of ndiswrapper+broadcom 64 bit windows driver. When I use
> windows, I use the 32bit version, so I cannot test directly if there
> are some problems with it.
Unfortunately I've not used ndiswrapper for a long time. But I remember that 
it provides some textual config file for the driver. Maybe it is so simple as 
changing wpa=0 to wpa=1 in this file.
good luck

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