getting WPASVC to work on Windows XP before login

blaqb0x at blaqb0x at
Thu Apr 13 22:09:13 EDT 2006


   I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 and wpa_supplicant 0.5.2. on wired 

I've followed all the directions to try and get wpasvc to start before 
anyone logs in but, it's simply not working.

I've disabled the "MS wireless service" on windows.  Then tried using 
the wpasvc in command line mode.

wpasvc app -w -c wpa_supplicant.conf -i <Device> -d

This works!(wpa_supplicant.exe works aswell)

Now I enter the registry settings listed below and register the 
service, and set the "Network Monitor Driver" for "SYSTEM"

After I reboot nothing happens.   The service starts successfully but, 
no 802.1x traffic is passing through the interface.

Does the wpasvc service send debug output anywhere?  How can I 
troubleshoot this further?  Is it possible to wrap wpa_supplicant into 
something else to start it right when the interface becomes active?

Any advice will be helpful.   Thanks







"ssid"="\"example network\""




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