my system hangs after hostap_pci is inserted.

Danny Kim parkthwin at
Tue Apr 11 16:29:18 EDT 2006

I am running debian linux 2.4.27 on my laptop
and compiled hostap(ver 0.2.6) for my target router box(soekris net4826, 
kernel 2.4.29).
I modified kernel src path of hostap driver to 2.4.29 when I compiled new 
with target's kernel configuration. (This should be OK right?)
After compiling hostap driver, I put it into my target router box.
and checked dependency with "depmod -ae"
there is no unresolved symbol issue.

but system is hanging after I do "modprobe hostap_pci"  with following

hostap_pci: 0.2.6 - 2004-12-25 (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>)
hostap_pci: Registered netdevice wifi0

Is there any patch I should apply or is there any mistake I made?
How do I check the log message on this issue?

any help will be appreciated.


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