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We are experiencing a strange problem with the hostAP drivers.  We have an
ad-hoc network, which is assigned a specific ESSID using the
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 file under Red Hat 9.  Now, there
is some other access point in the area that has another ESSID, and for some
reason our cards running on the hostAP driver (version 0.4.7 and 0.3.7 was
tried) always change their ESSID's to that of the access point.  This is
very strange as we specifically set the cards to be in ad-hoc mode, and give
them a specific ESSID, yet as soon as that Access Point powers on, the cards
automatically switch to the ESSID of that access point.  Now, the strange
thing is that they continue to be in ad-hoc mode, but their ESSID's changes.
Also, attempts to change the ESSID manually are ignored by the driver.  So
doing "iwconfig wlan0 essid abc", is ignored, the ESSID remains the same.
This behavior only happens with this specific Access Point which is a Dlink
based device.  With all other access points there is no problem, the ESSID's
assigned to the cards stay as they are.  


If the ESSID on this Dlink access point is changed, the cards change their
ESSID's to that of the Access Point.  So it is like they are tracking this
one specific access point all the time.  Is there anything specific in the
driver code that could cause this strange behavior to happen?  Why doesn't
it happen with other access points?  Could it be a firmware issue?


Thanks for any input.




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