EAPOL-Key timeout again

Ivan Dubrov wfragg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 00:26:30 EST 2005


Sorry for previous message, I've unintentionally pressed "send" button.

I have set up latest madwifi-ng drivers (1330 revision from the
Subversion) and hostapd 0.4.7 with WPA-PSK security.

I've got the following results:

WinXP+SP2 works well with this configuration, several Pocket PC's work
well (namely, HP iPAQ rx3715, some of Dell Axim), the Palm (some of
Palm One) works well too.

But two devices do not work. They are Nokia 9500 and Sony PSP.
However, if I disable hostapd, they can connect.

I've attached the log file and a configuration. Is there any way to
debug this from the access point (I'm afraid there is no way to have
nice logs on these devices)?
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