wpa_supplicant & winpcap & windows 2000

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue Nov 22 07:00:34 EST 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Thanks! This is getting somewhat confusing.. This capture file shows
> a successfully completed WPA authentication and even successful DHCP 
> handshake after that. There is couple of extra EAPOL-Key frames after
> the normal WPA pairwise and group handshakes, but it looks like AP is
> just ignoring them and connection works after this..

engage:  Is the Windows 2000 "Wireless Configuration" service disabled,
or is it running?  (Even when we set it to manual, it still starts on
boot.  When using the wpa_supplicant windows port on 2000, we have to
disable it.)

We've seen some *very* odd behavior when this service is running -- it's
like it tries to restart EAP after the supplicant finishes, but it has
no configuration, so it always fails.  Which makes authentication
usually fail, too, although sometimes wpa_supplicant does another round
of EAP traffic and gets the connection to come up.

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