NDIS driver / changing RSN IEs

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Sun Nov 20 08:42:51 EST 2005

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> This works fine -- the WMP54GS driver does update its BSSID list soon
> enough after an association that we've never gotten the old IEs.
> I would send a patch, but since I made the changes while at work, I'm
> not entirely sure who owns them.  If you can't reimplement the
> changes based on this description, let me know and I'll see if I can
> get them to release it under a dual-BSD-GPL license, to match
> wpa_supplicant.

So should I try to do this, or was my description enough?

> When wpa_supplicant.c calls wpa_drv_scan, that ends up calling into 
> wpa_driver_ndis_scan.  That function checks drv->radio_enabled, and
> if that flag isn't set, it calls wpa_driver_ndis_disconnect (which
> sets the current SSID to a 32-byte random value).
> When wpa_supplicant is configured in ap_scan=2 mode and using the
> NDIS driver, wpa_driver_ndis_scan never gets called on startup.
> Instead, the code just associates with the first SSID in the config
> file.  (In ap_scan=1 mode, wpa_supplicant does indeed call
> wpa_drv_scan during its startup.)  So when the control interface
> requests a scan, radio_enabled is 0, because the driver was never
> told to scan the first time around.
> So the first control interface scan ends up setting the SSID to a
> random string.  (In the log, this is the point where it says "NDIS:
> turning radio on before the first scan", line 549.)  This is what
> breaks the association, and I'm pretty sure it's also what causes all
> the failures later.

Any ideas on this one?

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