CF Card Power Save Mode

Pering, Trevor trevor.pering at
Wed Nov 16 20:11:32 EST 2005

Hello -- I'm trying to get power save mode working with a CF wi-fi card
-- specifically the Linksys WCF12. (We have also tried the NetGear701).
We can set the mode ok with iwconfig, but the power consumption does not
change. Does anybody know if this is the sort of thing that is likely to
work?  I searched the archives, and there have been several posts to
this list asking about similar things, but very few responses. Are there
any CF-based WiFi cards that people know about that definitely support
PSM with HostAP?  The card itself (WCF12) should support it, according
to the specs, but the trick is to actually get it working...
The command we are using is: iwconfig wlan0 power period 500ms

Any help, advice, or experience would be greatly appreciated.


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