EAPOLs in Linux Wireless Extensions

Bar, Eitan eitanb at ti.com
Wed Nov 16 03:39:16 EST 2005



Can somebody please describe the chain of events in the kernel/user-mode (as far as WEXT IOCTLs and events) that occur when a station associates and starts the EAPOL handshake?

What I’m specifically interested in is how the kernel driver makes sure that only EAPOL packets are sent/received by the driver and how can the network stack (or whoever) makes sure EAPOLs are prioritized over other types of traffic. (What happens if at the moment the interface notifies “UP”, the network stack starts sending heavy traffic).

Will this traffic be just dropped at some higher level of the kernel driver and handle only EAPOLs? (I am aware of a driver wrapper to handle only EAPOLs, but what I’m concerned is other traffic from network stack and what happens to it).


Is there maybe a special support to notify the linux networking stack that it should not forward any packets other than EAPOLs?






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