hostapd/madwifi: interface does not come up on boot

Holger Eitzenberger holger at
Tue Nov 15 16:59:05 EST 2005


I am switching from hostap.ko based solution to madwifi/hostapd and
I am seeing a strange behaviour with both of them.

After boot the ath0 device doesn't come up.  The behaviour is as

  ifconfig ath0 up
  hostapd started			# does not work

  # ifconfig again...
  ifconfig ath0 up			# syslog: ath0: creating bss 00:0f:b5:63:c5:64
							# it works

Other tests showed that hostapd is needed at the the time ath0
first comes up.  Another ifconfig ath0 up after hostapd was started 
works, even if hostapd is stopped again.

Is this a known issue?

Thx in advance.  /holger

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