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Tue Nov 15 11:27:43 EST 2005

I am wondering to know Why my message was not posted ...

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Subject: Host Ap and Syslink
From:    asattari at site.uottawa.ca
Date:    Tue, November 15, 2005 11:16 am
To:      "Afsaneh Sattari" <asattari at site.uottawa.ca>
Cc:      "Afsaneh Sattari" <asattari at site.uottawa.ca>
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> Hello,
> Is there anyway that I will be able to read the quality of link and
level for my Syslink card , using Host Ap. I need that this pc works as an
Accesspoint, so I have to set the mode Master, but can not get some
iwconfig info like sugnalquality and ...Apparently the driver does not
report all the wireless info, i need to get updated signal and link
> Thanks for any help or suggestions
> Afsaneh


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