Very slow roaming or reassociation in WPA2 mode

Rob Vandermeulen rob.vandermeulen at
Mon Nov 14 06:05:51 EST 2005

Here is a log with timestamps : (it's on a deflate enabled webserver)

To recapitulate - these are 2 dumb AP's connected to a MX (mobility exchange, 
sort of an access concentrator). I initialize roaming by switching of an AP, 
and both AP's are well within range so the client should have no RF issues 
reaching the other AP. The AP's should support some kind af fast reauth 
(keycaching or preauth, don't know), but right now a roam takes 30+ secs - in 
the logs it's here :
Nov 14 10:11:44.506653: EAPOL: startWhen --> 0
Nov 14 10:12:11.529545: EAPOL: authWhile --> 0

Btw - i replaced the company name in the logs with CORP

Hopefully this helps - if sniffer logs are needed, just ask.

Kind regards

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