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I just started using wpa_supplicant and have a basic question about it. I
have a home network using WPA-PSK, a work network using WEP with hidden
ssid, a school network using no securing (yes!) and a couple of public hot
spots that I visit. I am very happy with wpa_supplicant in that it can
automatically connect and configure my wireless interface in each of these

My question concerns regarding starting of dhcpcd. Everytime I have to
manually start the dhcpcd once wpa_supplicant establishes the connection
with the Access point. Is there a way wpa_supplicant can do it
automatically? My other question is can wpa_supplicant handle wired

Currently, I have ifplugd running for wired interface and wpa_supplicant
running for wireless interface. In the ifplugd action script, I handle
starting and killing of dhcpcd for both wired and wireless interfaces.
However, this is prone to many different race conditions (particularly when
I consider suspending/resuming and roaming from one location to another). It
would be great if wpa_supplicant could also handle my wired interface and
can automagically manage dhcpcd start/killing for the interfaces (of course
with preference for wired over wireless) and I did not have to run ifplugd
at all. Has anyone able to do that?

I am using IBM Thinkpad T42p laptop running SuSE 9.1 with the following

Kernel - 2.6.14
Wireless driver - ipw2200 1.0.8
Wireless card's firmware version - 2.4
IEEE 80211 version - ieee80211 1.1.6 (I removed the one that was supplied
with the kernel)
wpa_supplicant - 0.4.6
ifplugd - 0.25

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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