Can't get beyond group key handshake

limor lims at
Sun Nov 6 09:34:38 EST 2005

I am trying to use a code that's based on hostAP to test WPA on an embedded
device connected to a Prism3 CF card.
I am able to finish the 4-Way parwise key handshake, and then receive,
decrypt and reply to the first group key message, but even though my reply
is decrypted with no problem by the sniffer I am using and all the fields
seem correct, after 5 seconds the AP (a D-Link DWL-2100AP) seems to re-start
the 4-Way handshake.
The second 4-Way handshake will also look the same - after 4 (pairwise) + 2
(group) key packets + 5 seconds it will re-start again, and so on and on
With a HostAP driver running on a Suse machine with the same CF card and the
same AP, another 4-Way handshake only starts after a few minutes (though I
was never able to actually send or recieve packets over that link either).
What can be the problem???
At this point my implementation does not generate good random numbers -
can that have anything to do with it?


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