In search of HOSTAP MAINTAINERS - are you hiding?

Pavel Roskin proski at
Fri Nov 4 16:57:41 EST 2005


On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 12:01 -0800, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> I'm having serious but probably easily fixed (for the maintainers)
> problems with hostap.  I can't upgrade from 2.6.12 to the 2.6.14
> without breaking the hostap driver.  I'm not using exotic hardware,
> it's just an old DWL-650 and a ThinkPad A30.

If you use so many capital letters in the subject, it would be
reasonable to provide links your previous messages, so that the
attention you have received is diverted from your feelings to your
problem.  Also, it's often helpful to rephrase your question, add more
details and show that you did some research.

> I'm not asking for much, just a little clue on how to solve this.  If
> you didn't want your driver used, why would you ignore bug reports,
> and why would you seek inclusion in the mainstream Linux kernel?  If
> you're not going to maintain this driver, why is this list address in
> the kernel MAINTAINERS file?

Maintainers cannot always reply to every bug report.  They are
responsible for development, not for support.  You may get better
answers from people not listed in the MAINTAINERS file.

I may be able to look at the hostap_pci issue, just not right now.

Pavel Roskin

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