hostapd and tkip countermeasures

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> > There does not seem to be an hostapd equivalent to the wpa_supplicant function wpa_drv_set_countermeasures(). 
> > Hostapd enforces tkip countermeasures only if it handles the management frames. 
> > If a driver only reports association events, hostapd proceeds to the authentication phase even if coutermeasures are still active.
> > 
> > Here is a proposed patch to hostapd.c that fixes the issue:
> Thanks, applied. This does not fix the exact behavior since the client
> is allowed to complete association, but this is clearly improving the
> previous implementation. wpa_drv_set_countermeasures() like
> functionality and changes in the drivers would be needed to make the
> IEEE 802.11 authentication and association fail when countermeasures are
> in effect.

Please find a proposed patch in attachement which adds the hostapd_set_countermeasures() functionality and uses it for the madwifi driver.
The patch was created against hostapd-0.4.6.


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