wired wpa_supplicant-windows-bin-0.4.1

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at cc.hut.fi
Tue May 31 22:26:33 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 02:52:16AM +0800, GoldWater wrote:

> - I extracted wpa_supplicant-windows-bin-0.4.1 in a winXP (without SP1a),

> ifname: \Device\NPF_{3E94358E-F7E1-4DEE-AF8E-34A92F8B084B}
> description: Intel(R) PRO Adapter (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler)

> -After keyin "wpa_supplicant -iIntel -c wpa_supplicant.conf -d", I alway get:
> Trying to associate with SSID 'example'
> Association request to the driver failed

> do you kindly to tell me, can I use wired Lan card to connect Hostapd?

The current Windows binary does not support wired network adapters. It
is only built with driver_ndis.c which is trying to configure wireless
OIDs that are not supported by wired Ethernet drivers.

I haven't tested this, but in theory, driver_wired.c might work on
Windows. However, this would require making a new build. If you are
willing to test something experimental and report the results, please
let me know and I should be able to make you a test binary of
wpa_supplicant with driver_wired.c built for Windows. Of course, you can
also build one yourself, if you have a build environment for Windows.

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