and hansen and0806 at
Tue May 31 10:42:54 EDT 2005

> > I have seen that i have to use the bsd branch of
> > the madwifi CVS, but still I can't get this to go
> > I'm using the most current versions of everything
> > madwifi-bsd-cvs, hostapd-cvs, wpa_suppicant-cvs
> > wirelesstools28.pre7 and kernel2.6.11.10
> Please send the configuration file you used with
> hostapd and debug log
> from hostapd when trying to associate a station with
> the AP.
> -- 
> Jouni Malinen                                       
>     PGP id EFC895FA

There is a very big output file at this website
an alternative solution can perhaps be
to make a tar ball with your working sourcecode
wpa_supplicant + hostapd + madwifi
and then tell me what kernel version I have to compile
against, plus perhaps the version of wireless tools
you are using, then i'll hopefully end up with a
wireless wpa system for my home brew ap.  and still
whitout the use of tinfoil :)
If more info, testing or anything is needed
then say so.
I dont do c code, but if i can help in other ways
then let me know.

Regards Lasse Jensen

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