and hansen and0806 at
Sun May 29 23:11:05 EDT 2005

Hi Group

Is there anyone here that can help me a little ?

I'm fighting to get hostapd to authenticate wpa-psk
clients, via wpa_supplicant, is it bugs or is it me
that screws it all up ?
I see people on the lists that have success with this
so why isn't it working here, perhaps I'm closer to
the magnetic
pole or something, gravitation differences who knows
I'm using atheros5212 chips in both ends (ap and
I have seen that i have to use the bsd branch of
the madwifi CVS, but still I can't get this to go
I'm using the most current versions of everything
madwifi-bsd-cvs, hostapd-cvs, wpa_suppicant-cvs
wirelesstools28.pre7 and kernel2.6.11.10
My setup is working whitout any encryption at all.
Please help me, this is the 2week of testing and
and i have tried everything, so if i don't get any
on this posing either my next step will be to wrap
all over the room, to prevent magnetic interferes ;)
what can i do ?

Regards Lasse

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