Problem with WPA-PSK

Nicolas Labrosse nll at
Wed May 25 05:49:21 EDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 02:10:45PM +0100, Nicolas Labrosse wrote:
>>I want to use Wifi on my laptop and I use wpa_supplicant with atheros card AR5212. It works if I choose WEP encryption but I can't get it to work if I choose WPA-PSK.
> What AP are you using? Can you please send a wpa_supplicant debug log
> without removing the packet dumps ("obscured" in the log you sent)? If
> you can easily capture a packet log, e.g., with tcpdump or Ethereal,
> from the client ('ifconfig ath0 up' and start sniffer before starting
> wpa_supplicant), it could also be useful for looking at what is
> happening.

My AP is a SWEEX wireless modem/router with conexant chipset. The firmware version for WPA is CX_WLANSEC_4.2.0
I have no experience with packet capture... If you really need it I will try to have a look at it but I actually have rare occasions to play with my wireless settings.
I've upgraded madwifi-driver and madwifi-tools to version 0.1_pre20050420 on my gentoo box. I've tried to upgrade wpa_supplicant to versions 0.4.* but I had to come back to stable 0.3.8 as I got other problems (ioctl[SIOCSIWPMKSA]: Operation not supported )

Anyway: a more complete debug log can be found there:
Sorry, it's a bit long, but I don't know what piece of information is the most useful to you... I've left wpa_supplicant running for about 1 minute. It ends when I hit Ctrl-C (l. 1079 in the log, or 8 lines from the end)

>>Associated with 00:05:b4:07:e9:91
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=29 idleWhile=59
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=28 idleWhile=58
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=27 idleWhile=57
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=26 idleWhile=56
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=25 idleWhile=55
>>EAPOL: Port Timers tick - authWhile=0 heldWhile=0 startWhen=24 idleWhile=54
>>RX EAPOL from 00:05:b4:07:e9:8e
> This is somewhat odd behavior from the AP. First, it takes six seconds
> to send out the first EAPOL-Key frame and the frame seems to be coming
> from another MAC address. Do you happen to know whether this address
> would be the MAC address of the wired interface?

The second one is the MAC address of the modem/router (LAN). The first one is the AP:
WLAN Driver(Marconi) : v3.0.5
Boot Loader Version : v3.1.1
Upper MAC Version : M_UM_3.1.20
Lower MAC Version : M2_LM_D2959SC_3.1.41
AP BSSID: 00:05:B4:07:E9:91 

Thanks a million for your help!


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