Multiple stage WEP keying with wpa_supplicant

David Anderson david.anderson at
Tue May 24 03:44:54 EDT 2005


I am trying to authenticate my laptop to my university's wireless 
network (currently in the early beta phase) using wpa_supplicant. The 
engineer setting up the wifi access only gave out a manual for 
authenticating with Windows XP, so I'm trying to transpose that and the 
few (fairly confusing) mails sent by the engineer in question.

 From what I'm able to understand, I need to:
  - Explicitely set an ssid and static WEP key to associate to the AP
  - Perform 802.1x auth using PEAP/MSCHAPv2, bypassing the PEAP 
certificate checks
  - Get hold of a dynamically generated WEP key given out on successful 
authentication and use it instead of the association key.

My first question is more of a general question about 
authentication/keying methods. What is the exact protocol collage that 
would form PEAP/MSCHAPv2 auth with dynamic WEP keying? Does the example 
block entitled "IEEE 802.1X/EAPOL with dynamically generated WEP keys" 
fit what I'm talking about here? Does any of the above procedure I 
deduced make any sense in regard with your past experiences of wireless 

My second question concerns the capabilities of wpa_supplicant. Is it 
possible to define a network block that'd make wpa_supplicant first 
associate using a given (static) ssid and WEP key, then perform 
authentication and replace the WEP key with what the authenticator 
returns? How would I define this in a network block?
 From my understanding of wpa_supplicant, it would manage the second 
part (auth + keying) with no problem if I explicitely set the essid and 
first WEP key; is there a way to automate this as a part of 
wpa_supplicant's scanning phase?

Thanks in advance for your help
David Anderson.

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