WPA-PSK problem with Q-TEC 54G and MSI AP54G

Freek de Kruijf f.de.kruijf at hetnet.nl
Mon May 23 19:04:22 EDT 2005

On 19 May 2005 04:20, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 11:20:05PM +0200, Freek de Kruijf wrote:
> > I have a Toshiba laptop with SuSE 9.2, ndiswrapper with PCMCIA Q-TEC
> > Wireless 54G (chipset: Marvell W8300), driver mrv8k51.sys and an Access
> > Point MSI AP54G. I am using wpa_supplicant v0.3.8
> This sounds like a driver specific issue, so I would suggest reporting
> this on the ndiswrapper mailing list.

After a lot of experiments now I have this connection running after 
upgrading the ndiswrapper ( now version 1.2rc1) and wpa_supplicant (now 
version 0.3.8).
Configuration is done with the standard Yast from SuSE 9.2 which prepares a 
wpa_supplicant.conf file.

However it is not very robust at the moment. It works when I have the card 
in the system and I boot the system. I can also boot the system without the 
card, insert the card and after that the connection will come up. Removing 
the card while the system is still running should not be done. It might 
hangup the system and only a power down helps. <Ctrl><Alt><something> will 
not work. Also taking the connection down with "ifdown" may hang the 
A normal shutdown of the system with a working connection works OK.

I still wonder if wpa_supplicant should not do a maximum number of attempts 
to establish a connection. From what I have seen it continues indefinitely 
attepting to make the connection when something goes wrong. In my view it 
should do a maximum number of attepts and then give a failure message to 
the log with some information on where and when.


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