which firmware for wl200?

Jar jar at pcuf.fi
Sat May 21 15:24:59 EDT 2005

> unfortunately the only machine running windows has a nforce2-motherboard, which
> doesn't work with wl200(as stated by compaq, didn't try yet) - guess i'll have to
> temporary install windows on some spare space on a some other machine - but maybe
> some else proofs that the '-i'-flag doesn't cause any harm with prism2_srec?

I guess the flashing _should_ work with '-i'-flag because it is the correct
firmware, but I can't be 100% sure, 99.9% maybe.

> could you add a comment on why/how the 1.5.6 works better than 1.7.0 for you?

Actually only thing I noticed under very short testing period, was that the         
 Link Quality, Signal level and Noise level values becomes randomize after upgrading
1.5.6-->1.7.0. Since the 1.5.6 has always been working great for me (about two years
now) and because I don't need WPA (yet!) but need those values I prefer to use

Best Regards, Jar

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