Can anybody help?

Brian Sturgill zen_hacker at
Sat May 21 10:43:45 EDT 2005

Are you sure this is a Prism 2/2.5/3 based card?


>From: Mayur Shah <ssmayur at>
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>Subject: Can anybody help?
>Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 22:33:09 -0700
>  I am using the hostap drivers with gumstix product.
>for compact flash NETGEAR card MA70.
>My objective is to connect wirelessly from this embedded device.
>When I try to run any any iwconfig command for example,
>  iwconfig wifi0 essid xyz
>  I get this error
>  Error for wirreless requuest "Set ESSID " (8B1A) :
>  SET Failed on device wifi0: Invalid Argument
>  And this is the same error I get for any type of iwconfig command.
>Also in most of the documentation I read, I found the interface to use
>is wlan0 but what i get when i do iwconfig is usb0 and wifi0 intefaces
>  Can you tell me where the problem is ,
>  * Do I need to download new "iwconfig"?
>  * Do I need some drivers for hostap
>  This gumstix stuff used linux kernel 2.6.10
>  Thanks & Appreciate your help
>  Regards
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