[PATCH]: hostapd with madwifi accounting

Sebastian Weitzel togg at togg.de
Tue May 17 07:34:34 EDT 2005

> Thanks! I finally got a working madwifi AP setup running with WPA after
> moving to BSD branch and I'm now able to test hostapd with madwifi. I
> applied your patch for hostapd to enable RADIUS accounting with madwifi
> driver and verified that it works with the netlink message. The procfs
> information does not seem to be available from the driver, so interim
> accounting messages are not currently supported.

Hi Jouni,

please note that madwifi head cvs needs a patch to enable this procfs 
accounting hack. Its not nice and so in madwifi-bsd it's done via a 
accounting ioctl' (STA-TRAFFIC-STAT)

Do you see any problems with this? (Interim) Accounting works in my tests.

Sebastian Weitzel

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