HostAP List problems - Fixed

Bruce Potter gdead at
Mon May 16 20:39:38 EDT 2005

Sorry bout the silence on the list.  The mail server hosting the  
HostAP list had some random message problem that caused the HostAP  
mail to wedge itself for the last few days.  Unfortunately, due to  
the volume of mail list traffic on the mail server, it was impossible  
to save the wedge messages while discarding the stuck message (we  
were never able to figure out which of the 1000's of messages was  
really "stuck"... go go gadget mailman debug messages).

Anyhoo, the moral of the story is:

If you sent a message to the list in the last week, you will need to  
resend as it was "lost"

I have a backup of the data, so if you really need something dug up,  
I can do it.  But it's best to assume it's lost if you can just resend.

I apologize for the outage folks.  We monitor our servers for  
availability, but not traffic on one list or another. I'm going to  
try and find a way to do that to make sure this doesn't happen in the  

we now return you to your regularly scheduled list.



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