automatic client configuration

Frank Thieme frank at
Sun May 15 16:47:27 EDT 2005


I used wlan-ng for a long time now. The feature I really loved is that I
know how to configure the things each ap I want be attached to wants and
I can just go to the ap, switch my notebook on and I get all the
different configurations automatically.

I get my WEP key and static address at home, my WEP key and vpn tunnel
in university, dhcp addresses at work and so on.

Now there is a wlan in university demanding wpa authentication - thats
why I want to switch to hostap driver and wpa_supplicant. Would be a
good time to switch to wpa at home, too ;)

I'm looking for some howto or configuration examples to get these
automatic configuration with hostap driver. I have an Airrunner XI-300
(Prism2) pcmcia card firmware updated to 1.7.1.


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