WPA-PSK only authenticates if essid is broadcast

Petros Kolyvas pkolyvas at gmail.com
Thu May 5 13:00:00 EDT 2005

> I think if wpa_supplicant could combine the results of AP scan as well 
> as try connecting with the network entries that are market hidden in the 
> config file this would not be an issue. When I have some time, I will 
> try to patch wpa_supplicant to do this. I've asked in this list about it 
> (with cc to Jouni) but got no response. Hopefully, we will get a 
> response this time.

If wpa supplicant could somehow set the cards essid to the network it's 
trying to connect to before it makes an attempt, would be wonderful.

My ssid is hidden and I have to 'iwconfig eth1 essid ShiftFocus' before 
I attempt to associate with wpa_supplicant if I'm coming from another 
network or a reboot.


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