compiling hostapd without EAP, with 802.1x

Steve st3v3 at
Thu May 5 07:48:38 EDT 2005

Hi all
Ive found a problem with a code change made on Sun Apr 17 17:08:21 2005
to hostap/hostapd/ieee802_1x.c Line 838 of the current CVS
	if (sta->eapol_sm->eap)

I build hostapd without the EAP component. The code change assumes that
the EAP module has been included with CONFIG_EAP in the .config. Which
cannot be guaranteed, espceially for my environment.
When building the code without EAP included in the build
	ieee802_1x.o: In function `ieee802_1x_new_station':
	ieee802_1x.o(.text+0x15b8): undefined reference to
	collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
	make: *** [hostapd] Error 1

Unless including the EAP module, the eap.o will not be compiled.
As this line(ieee802_1x.c:838) is fairly new to this source code, I have
commented it out in my current CVS copy, so I can carry on building in
the same way without EAP.

I would suggest that a #ifdef CONFIG_EAP is required around this line???
Can this change be made to the CVS repository please.



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