No messages when card inserted (FC3, 2.6.10)

Randall Ross randall at
Mon May 2 16:20:47 EDT 2005

My system is Fedora Core 3 with (my own) kernel 2.6.10. I'm trying to 
use hostap-driver-0.3.7, (*have also tried 0.4.0 with same results.)

I successfully ran 'make' and 'make install'. No error messages.

Upon insertion of my  Netgear MA401 PC card, I get *no messages at all* 
in /var/log/messages.

This card has been verified to work in this machine with FC3, and kernel 
2.6.10. In fact I had been using it previously and recently. I suspect 
that this recent failure might have something to do with SELinux, as 
I've recently turned on that feature in my kernel, however I cannot say 
for sure if that is the cause. I have another PC wifi card (Buffalo) 
that uses Linuxant drivers, and functions normally. I also have a USB 
wifi dongle (D-link) that uses wlan-ng drivers and also functions normally.)

Can someone shed some light on how I could debug what's happening? What 
should I look for?

Thanks in advance.

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