3 Router Advertisement Send by 3 different AP received by MH at the same time even with different Essid

Yong Chu Eu ceyong at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 00:08:03 EDT 2005

HI, my test-bed as below, i sent our 3 different router advertisement
from HA,both AP on Wlan0 interface, the problem i encountered was i
received 3 Router Advertisment at the same time (i only associate with
1 essid at one time ) from this 3 entities even my HA,both AP have
different essid. I change my both AP and HA mode from Master mode to
Ad-hoc mode,problem still the same

Do u know why? i use acx100 as my MH wireless card driver and HOSTAP
as my both HA and Access Point wireless software & driver

MH                  AP

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