Is it possible to dump the frame PLCP preamble and PLCP header ?

Ip Wilson wilsonfyp2005 at
Fri Jan 7 20:42:55 EST 2005

I am doing some survey on the frame error behaviour.
Therefore I would like to obtain a dumping of the
whole frame via the RAW Socket and do something on it.
However,I cannot got the portion of the PLCP preamble
and PLCP header from RAW Socket. 
I have tried to understand the driver 's source code
and I found the receiving subroutine, which got the
frame from the prism2 buffer should be the "prism2_rx"
and "hostap_rx_skb" in module file "hostap_hw.c". But
it seems not easy to get the PLCP preamble and PLCP
header. Could anyone know whether is it possible to
get those frame body part ? thank a lot

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