Jar jar at
Sat Dec 31 05:48:56 EST 2005

> I see.  Could you please send the output of the following command?
> hostap_rid wlan0 get ffff

[root at gw hostap-utils-0.4.7]# ./hostap_rid wlan0 get ffff
70 31 30 30 30 33 63 30 2e 68 65 78 00 00 53 31 30 31 30 35 30 36 2e 48 45 58 00 00

> Please run it before attempts to load any firmware.  It should give the names of
> the original firmwares.

The card has already v1.5.6 in it but it makes no differ, it is always beeing like
that. I have updated from 0.8.0-->1.3.6-->1.4.9-->1.5.6 and always prism_srec
falsely complains about imcompatibility.

> In any case, hostap is erring on the safe side, which is the right thing to do.

Yes, but the message is false alarm. I can flash with '-i' parameter and everything
is OK after flashing. I can also flash with tohose same files with windows tool and
it doesn't warn anything. Sometimes it seems to be too strict with some firmware

I agree with you, prism_srec is safe. I have also flashed couple of cards and they
are always worked 100% after that.

Best Regards, Jar

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