Hi, Failed to set encryption with wpa_supplicant failed to connect AP

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Fri Dec 30 08:38:56 EST 2005

Haydar Tekir wrote:
> The driver is complied with ipw2100, I don't how to HOW to configure the
> wlan card with Wext driver. When I use the -Dwext switch I get no
> connection to the AP as well.

Ah, now that would probably be a different issue, which is not caused by
the ioctl calls failing.  (That's what the change to -Dwext fixes.)

> I get same errors as in ipw2100/wext:

I didn't see any ioctl errors there, so at least that part's working.

> WPA: Failed to parse WPA IE from association info
> WPA: Set cipher suites based on configuration
> WPA: Selected cipher suites: group 30 pairwise 24 key_mgmt 2
> WPA: clearing AP WPA IE
> WPA: clearing AP RSN IE
> WPA: using GTK CCMP
> WPA: using PTK CCMP
> WPA: Set own WPA IE default - hexdump(len=22): 30 14 01 00 00 0f ac 04
> 01 00 00 0f ac 04 01 00 00 0f ac 02 00 00 No keys have been configured -
> skip key clearing wpa_driver_wext_set_drop_unencrypted

I don't think this is enough of the log to see what's going on.  Try
sending the whole thing, like you did when you used -Dipw.
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