why may wired 802.1x hostapd pass traffic?

Denis Goncharoff t at ucl.kiev.ua
Tue Dec 20 08:41:15 EST 2005

I'm having problem configuring hostapd as a wired 802.1x authenticator at SuSE 
Linux 9.2 machine (kernel 2.6.8-24).
Hostapd compiles OK, I launch it like 

/home/n/install/hostapd-0.4.7 # ./hostapd ./wired.conf

Then I see:

Configuration file: ./wired.conf
Opening raw packet socket for ifindex 2
Using interface eth0 with hwaddr 00:02:44:71:ec:e7 and ssid ''
eth0: RADIUS Authentication server
eth0: RADIUS Accounting server
eth0: RADIUS Sending RADIUS message to accounting server
eth0: RADIUS Next RADIUS client retransmit in 3 seconds

Flushing old station entries
Deauthenticate all stations

THE PROBLEM is that when I "ping" from the connected PC to eth0, pings are 
accepted and answered, like user has already authorized. But there's no even 
802.1x supplicant on the connected PC! Why do packets may pass?

Thanks in advance if somebody helps.
Denis Goncharoff

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