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asattari at site.uottawa.ca asattari at site.uottawa.ca
Sun Dec 18 22:51:06 EST 2005


I am using Mandriva 2006, and dwl-ag660 for my Toshiba laptop, and
dwl-ag530 pci adaptor for my PC.In my laptop, i can change the mode with
iwconfig ath0 mode master and managed and at the same time i can use
iwpriv ath0 mode 1,2,3,and turbo 1 but in my pc, i can not make it master.
But when i wa sseeting it in thesystem configuration for the fist time, i
did it as master, so it created wlan0 for me, but in console terminal,
when i type iwconfig i see just .11g , 108 Mbps and mode managed. It doe
snot accept to change te mode and make it master.Moreover, in the pc, i
have less option as private octols for iwpriv, so i can not make it to
switch to .11a and b or turbo (super g), which i am able to apply it in my
toshiba laptop.
Both iwprive versions and iwconfig versions are the same in both of my
computers, and both recommended to use versions more than V11 . My kernel
is 2.6.... And I forgot to mention that, I am not able to ping these two
computers, but i can ping mylaptop to another laptp wth the same setting
as PC, I do not know, the prob;lem is PCI cards , i have read in its
manual that dwl-ag660 pcmcia, is working with dwl-ag530 pci.

Does any one has similar problem, or can give me a hint. I appreciate. I
spend two weeks and staruggling to be able to install it in the pc and now
I feel i have to struggle again to make it work.




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