On startup wpa_supplicant: kernel panic

Koos Beens koosb at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 12 12:18:38 EST 2005


Debian ppc with prism 2.5 in cs: PRI 1.1.1 / STA 1.7.4. From stable to
unstable, all 2.6 kernels I tried have the same problem; when I start
wpa_supplicant in it's default configuration ie scan for ap and connect to
any available open. I get a kernel panic. I use the hostap driver.

Please tell me the most convenient way to record the message or how to
prolong the time till reboot. I cannot type this fast, sorry :)

If I use an empty configuration file and start wpa_supplicant there is no
panic and if I setup the same thing with wpa_cli sometimes it works,
sometimes it looks like it doesnt want to associate and sometimes it
panics. Not very consistent, however I probably don't know exactly the way
it should work so you first might want to ignore this part.

Thanks, Koos.

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