Hermes and wpa_supplicant and kernel 2.6 support?

Bartley Gillan malixor at
Wed Dec 7 09:28:40 EST 2005

Hello list,

I have a Dell Truemobile 1150 802.11b mini-pci card that has an Agere
Systems, Hermes-I chipset that I want to use in a uClibc system. For
non-WPA operation, the standard hermes, orinoco, and orinoco_cs modules
work fine for this card. However, I would like WPA support.

I've downloaded the Agere Systems driver from
but the documentation says it only works under kernel 2.4. I tried
compiling this under kernel 2.6, but there are numerous errors.

I've googled and searched the archives, and no others seem to have
gotten this to work. If wpa_supplicant supports the hermes Agere driver,
is it only for kernel 2.4? Has anyone else been successful with this? Or
does anyone know if the kernel's standard hermes/orinoco/orinoco_cs
drivers are being updated to include WPA support? Any help is greatly


Attached below is some output with the standard orinoco drivers:

~ # dmesg |grep eth2 
eth2: Hardware identity 0005:0004:0005:0000
eth2: Station identity  001f:0001:0008:000a                                     
eth2: Firmware determined as Lucent/Agere 8.10                                  
eth2: Ad-hoc demo mode supported                                                
eth2: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported                                  
eth2: WEP supported, 104-bit key                                                
eth2: MAC address 00:02:2D:7E:D7:DE                                             
eth2: Station name "HERMES I"                                                   
eth2: ready                                                                     
eth2: index 0x01: Vcc 3.3, irq 11, io 0x0100-0x013f

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